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The modular design of the database enables a faster and better proposal creation. Changes in the products, including their history, are captured. A “what if” view facilitates the easy calculation of individual configurations, and the results are clearly presented using text and illustrations. Identical or similar components are reusable due to the consistent database so that a coherent solution is readily available on order placement. LEEGOO BUILDER supports you at all stages of your products’ lifecycle and across all product levels, e. g. factories, plants, machines, assemblies, components.

Our software is easy and fast to learn, intuitive to use and easy to adapt to your individual requirements.

The professional edition provides the basic proposal system with interactive proposal preparation from catalogues, price lists and existing proposals. It is of particular interest for the fast and easy introduction of a database-supported proposal solution, e. g. for suppliers of catalogue products.
The enterprise edition consists of the basic proposal system and a product configurator for configurations based on relationship knowledge. It is of particular interest for suppliers of complex investment goods such as machines of all types.
The engineering edition supports you with project engineering and calculation in the large-scale plant business. All relevant working methods, e. g. similarity principle, are supported. The LEEGOO BUILDER pre-calculation enables any calculation models to be visualised and applied.

Our target groups are primarily manufacturers and suppliers of variant investment goods (machines, machine sets, all types of systems), ETO manufacturers (plant manufacturers, engineering companies), catalogue suppliers and service providers.

LEEGOO BUILDER provides optional interfaces with ERP systems like SAP® as well as interfaces with CRM systems right through to VISIO.
Proposals and customer addresses can be imported and exported and data can be transferred to ERP systems, for example, to create a customer order.
Integrated add-on products of partners.

Yes, LEEGOO BUILDER can also be integrated with the powerful partner products "Super Office", "SalesLogix" or another CRM system and used as a complete sales solution.

Yes, many LEEGOO BUILDER customers (thin client) use the system in conjunction with a central database for remote access around the globe. The software resides on a central server and can be called up worldwide via Internet/Intranet. Only the presentation runs on the "client PC". The actual processing is performed by the application server.

Of course, you can also use our software on a notebook in conjunction with a local MSDE database. In this case, the local database is extracted from the central database to enable the import and export of proposals.

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