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The application technology dimensions of LEEGOO BUILDER

The flexibly adaptable CPQ software LEEGOO BUILDER makes it possible to map a wide range of application scenarios:

Product Configuration schablone

Product Configuration

Product configurators with mapped product logics help your sales team to quickly and competently offer product variants tailored to customer requirements anywhere in the world. This means a significant increase in efficiency throughout the sales process. Technically, mathematically and textually correct offers are delivered, consistently in your corporate design, to interested parties within short response times. This means more offers and a higher likelihood of EBIT-relevant orders.

Project Configuration schablone

Project Configuration

In the project business, the quotation phase is typically called project planning and project calculation. Projects can involve production lines, large machinery and plants as well as entire factories. These very demanding application areas pose high CPQ requirements both regarding multi-level configuration (product logic, automatisms) and also forms of free configuration for quantity structures and project calculations (maximum flexibility required). Output documents can be folder-filling contract elements. A team can process a proposal for different industry sectors.

Factory Configuration schablone

Factory Configuration

An even more extreme case in project business is the preparation of quotations for entire plants and factories. The CPQ requirements of project business also apply here, even more so. A project calculation can include far in excess of 10,000 items for a scope of delivery and services. The involvement of consortium partners can effect a calculation-relevant "split" with a resultant delivery segmentation. Project planning work for technology and costing is shouldered as a team. Industry and technology specialists are involved.

Visual Configuration schablone

Visual Configuration

In order to bring a new level of clarity to the sales process, LEEGOO BUILDER offers the option of a visual, graphical-interactive configuration. Equipment can be dragged from 3D libraries into a 3D layout and easily arranged using "magnetic points". This approach is necessary, for example, in the field of intralogistics. A 3D layout can be passed on to 3D CAD systems, so that processing also benefits.

Desktop & Web User Interface schablone

Desktop & Web User Interface

To achieve maximum flexibility in the offer process, LEEGOO BUILDER is available with both a desktop user interface and a web user interface. Due to its fine-grained, detailed interface, the desktop application is the optimum solution for preparing quotes for complex products and projects. The slim, intuitive, browser-based web interface is designed for a "sales-oriented" proposal creation – including on tablets and smartphones. As a result, LEEGOO BUILDER users can freely choose the most advantageous type of user interface for each proposal.

Price & Cost Calculation schablone

Price & Cost Calculation

The proposal calculation includes the cost and price calculation right through to the profit and loss calculation. Your customer-specific calculation model will be analyzed and implemented. All users always access up-to-date calculation base data. Freely definable spreadsheets and other forms of results can be generated. The "Change Management" function creates consistent transparency and traceability for calculation and all other aspects of the proposal process.

Document Generation schablone

Document Generation

The high-performance document generator enables the multilingual generation of quotation and other result documents. Bilingual documents, such as English and Chinese, are routine. In sales, a consistent, professional appearance (corporate identity) in conjunction with an optimized proposal structure, image-enriched texts and much more is of great importance. The perfect proposal reaching the prospective customer in the shortest possible time increases the likelihood of an order placement – and this at reduced sales costs.

Guided Selling schablone

Guided Selling

Guided selling is a functionality that supports the sales process by advising and guiding potential buyers of products and services in product selection. In mechanical and plant engineering, guided selling typically involves the requirement-driven selection of a technology, e.g. milling. Then the selection of a product line, e.g. CNC vertical milling machines series XY and in the next step the selection of the desired type. Using the product configurator, the desired variant is then configured and calculated in detail and offered with the generated proposal document.

Application Programming Interface (API) schablone

Application Programming Interface (API)

API stands for Application Programming Interface. This functionality is used for controlling and integrating the CPQ system programmatically from outside. The LEEGOO BUILDER Web API includes classes and methods that make up the essential functions of the CPQ system. This allows, for example, integration into a CRM or ERP system. It is even possible to implement a company-specific interface for special applications using the LEEGOO BUILDER core system as a platform.

Integration CPQ with CRM, ERP, CAD schablone

Integration CPQ with CRM, ERP, CAD

In addition to the use of the LEEGOO BUILDER Web API for integration tasks, EAS also provides ready-to-use standard interfaces. The standard interfaces do not program, but rather create a kind of "mapping" between data objects and fields from LEEGOO BUILDER and another system, typically CRM or ERP. This can also be done by an administrator for LEEGOO BUILDER in your company.

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