We are convinced that a high-performance proposal system like LEEGOO BUILDER offering efficient and coherent support of the proposal process is increasingly becoming a prerequisite for keeping pace with competitors or, better still, for staying ahead. This is why we have developed LEEGOO BUILDER CPQ software from conception to the formulation of efficient introduction methods.



We are experts in the efficient support of proposal processing, project engineering and calculation for complex investment goods. Structuring your product know-how and mapping it inside product configurators, including logical dependencies, form the basis for these activities. The LEEGOO BUILDER CPQ software provides your employees with this knowledge during proposal preparation – worldwide and easy to apply. This opens up unimagined potentials for you.



Our goal is to be the leading provider in the niche market of “proposal, project engineering and calculation solutions” in mechanical and specialised mechanical engineering, plant-related mechanical engineering as well as large-scale plant engineering and the turnkey project business with the LEEGOO BUILDER standard software.


Industry Know-How

We are experts in solutions for preparing quotations in the fields of mechanical engineering, special machinery and plant engineering. Our know-how from over 25 years of project experience will also contribute to your solution. With LEEGOO BUILDER, we support you with a wide variety of working methods and requirements - whether it's project planning for entire systems or sales-orientated sales support for individual systems. In addition to quotations, you can also generate order confirmations, calculation sheets, procurement lists or order handover documents and much more.

Comprehensive support of all relevant working methods in configuration and proposal/project calculation

Efficient design of your proposal solution to your specific requirements based on sample solutions and experiences gathered from already implemented applications

Focus on proposal and project engineering solutions in the field of “engineered products”

Partner Germany GmbH, München

Salesforce brings together all your customer information in a single, integrated platform that enables you to build a customer-centred business from marketing right through to sales, customer service and business analysis.

Complexity Management Academy GmbH, Aachen

The Complexity Management Academy specialises in the development of capabilities in complexity management. To this end, the academy offers both open and in-house seminars, promotes best practice sharing between interested companies and develops new solutions in cooperation with the industry. The Complexity Community, a network of experts from a great variety of industries, is a core component of the joint development of future-oriented success models for complexity management. With the Complexity Management Congress the Complexity Management Academy created a unique platform for leaders in complexity and variant management to exchange their experiences and ideas regarding a current topic of the sector once a year. As a member you will always stay ahead by that vital step.

SuperOffice, Dortmund

SuperOffice considers itself Europe’s leading supplier of CRM solutions in the professional business sector.
EAS has integrated SuperOffice with the powerful LEEGOO BUILDER proposal and product configuration system.

You can find examples under Applications.

untersee Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Konstanz

Untersee is an independent consultancy firm that specialises in the development and maintenance of solutions for selected industries. As SAP® Channel Partner Sales and Service and mySAP®.com Partner Service untersee is working on the customer-SAP® interface and complements the standard software to cater for industry-specific requirements.

This interface results in solutions that are systematically developed further in the untersee reference systems. The pre-set systems speed up the introduction of SAP® and provide detailed mapping of the specific business processes which then releases the standard software’s full potential.

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