engineering edition G2


engineering edition G2 is our classic proposal preparation solution

Developed for easy interaction and efficient proposal preparation with specific focus on the requirements of mechanical, special machine and plant engineering, based on Delphi and real-world experience from over 60 system implementations.

Installed base

The LEEGOO BUILDER engineering edition G2 reflects requirements of more than 60 client companies. The result is carefully designed and comprehensive functionality fit for real-world scenarios.

Standard software

From inception, development and application were based on the principle of a flexibly adaptable standard software. LEEGOO BUILDER remains ready for release. All LEEGOO BUILDER customers benefit from continuous development.


LEEGOO BUILDER is entirely database-supported. All data, logics, texts, etc. are mapped in tables. The data structure offers you a “glass box”, readily accessible, for example, via SQL. This is a significant advantage in terms of your freedom to act and your independence of external specialists.

Worldwide application

Most companies use LEEGOO BUILDER remotely. That means that LEEGOO BUILDER is installed on an application server. Frequently, MS Terminal Server and Citrix are employed for this purpose.

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